The National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology

The NICB (National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology) is located on the Dublin City University (DCU) campus in North Dublin.

It is a leading multidisciplinary centre of translational research in Fundamental and Applied Cellular Biotechnology, Molecular Cell Biology, Ocular Diseases and Biological Chemistry. It includes a multidisciplinary team of Cell and Molecular Biologists, Biotechnologists, Chemists and Informatics specialists.

The NICB prioritises translational research involving collaborations with industry and with clinicians, and is committed to educating people from all backgrounds in the area of Biomedical Science.

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This field represents an important opportunity for future development of the pharmaceutical industry and a significant area for employment of scientists in Ireland.


Cancer research at NICB aims to apply the powerful techniques associated with cell and molecular biology to gaining a deeper understanding of human cancer and how it might be better detected, treated and monitored.


In collaboration with medical transplant teams we are currently undertaking basic laboratory process optimization which could lead to development of a National Islet Cell Transplantation Programme to help treat Type 1 Diabetes.

Tissue Engineering & Stem Cells

The NICB is directly involved in work leading on to clinical application for corneal stem cell transplant and pancreatic islet transplant for treatment of type 1 diabetes. We are also studying the interaction of metals with cells.

Chemical Synthesis & Chemical Biology

The NICB is involved in the development and application of targeted molecular libraries and is now increasingly active in the field of hybrid materials for biological applications.

NICB Scientific & Strategic Advisory Board

The scientific direction of the institute is governed by international experts on the NICB Scientific & Strategic Advisory Board.

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NICB video

Take a look at the work the staff and students here at the NICB do. Click below to see more videos, including our Biomedical Lecture series (March-May 2015), from exciting guest speakers working in the Biomedical field.



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The NICB is committed to providing educational programmes for all levels. Find out more about our upcoming events, and view videos of our previous lecture series.


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