About Us

The NICB (National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology) is a leading research institute located on the DCU campus in Dublin. Learn about us, our research teams, and our work.

The NICB is a multidisciplinary centre of research in fundamental and applied cellular biotechnology, molecular cell Biology, ocular diseases and biological chemistry. It includes a multidisciplinary team of Cell and Molecular Biologists, Biotechnologists, Chemists and Computer scientists.

Our Team

View the staff and the various research groups working at NICB. If you would like to find out more about us and what we do here at the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, get in touch with us.

Donal O’Gorman
Paula Meleady
Associate Director
Finbarr O’Sullivan
Associate Director
Phil Cummins
Associate Director

What We Are Good At

The NICB is a major focus for cell and molecular biology research in Ireland, in particular as it interacts with clinical translational research in the cancer, diabetes and ocular disease areas, and with the Biopharma and other bioscience-related industry.

The mission of the NICB is to provide targeted and applied solutions to challenges facing the Biopharma industry and translational medicine, utilising our unique multi-disciplinary team, our extensive clinical & industry network and our collaborative problem-solving expertise to deliver value for stakeholders, collaborators and patients The NICB research teams investigate human and animal cells and tissues at the molecular level in order to uncover biological mechanisms and develop new treatments and diagnostics for a variety of human diseases with particular emphasis on cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases, ocular diseases and nutrient uptake.

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