Briclone Hybridoma Cloning Additive

BriClone is an additive for the cloning medium used in the post-fusion stages of hybridoma production and for improving the efficiency of hybridoma cell cloning.

The use of feeder cells to support the outgrowth of hybridomas has many disadvantages, like batch-to-batch variation of the feeder cells and competition between feeder cells and freshly-fused hybridomas for nutrients in the culture medium. BriClone has been specially developed by the NICB’s dedicated team to overcome these common problems in the post-fusion period.

BriClone is produced and distributed from our state-of-the-art facility at the NICB and is available in 100ml bottles.

*This price is exclusive of dry ice and shipping charges

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Increased Efficiency in Hybridoma Production
No Time Consuming Preparations
Elimination of Batch Variation
No Depletion of Nutrients by Feeder Cells
Very Competitively Priced
Screened for Mycoplasma Contamination

Briclone Information Sheets