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My experience in the NICB and living with Type 1 Diabetes

  Due to an absolute deficiency in insulin production resulting in elevated blood glucose levels - type 1 diabetes can lead to many life-threatening complications such as heart disease, eye damage, kidney damage and liver damage. In 2000, the WHO reported that less than 1 million global deaths were attributable to diabetes- in 2016 that…
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Combatting cancer with Pint of Science 2018

Pint of Science was started in 2012 by Dr. Michael Motskin and Dr. Praveen Paul. It grew out of a desire to communicate their research in neurological disorders to the public. The idea was to bring science to the people rather than people to the science. To help slide the science towards the people and…
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School kids, strawberries and science outreach

Contact Phone: +353-01-700-6234 Email:     School kids On March 21st, the NICB received some visitors that were a little younger than our usual demographic. Dr Finbarr O’ Sullivan introducing our young visitors to some basic concepts in biology The students, ranging from 5-8 years old, were from St Vincent’s Boys’ School, a school…
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Becoming a Mitochondriac: Experiences in Cellular Bioenergetics

 Mitochondria and the Energy Cycle of Life Panum Institute, University of Copenhagan The mitochondria, often referred to as the “the powerhouse of the cell”, are complex, double membraned organelles involved in many intricate processes of cellular function. Under normal physiological conditions the main function of the mitochondria is in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)/energy…
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BioPharma Ambition 2018; Is the Future Bright?

The second instalment of “BioPharma Ambition” was held in Dublin Castle 21st-22nd Feb 2018. Run by the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA), BioPharmaChem Ireland (IBEC) in association with the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), the event invites international policy leaders, senior industry personnel and renowned research scientists to congregate and discuss the…
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Will there ever be a pill to replace exercise?

Note: This article was originally published on the RTE Website on Tuesday Jan. 23rd 2018 as part of their "RTE Brainstorm series" Research is underway to create drugs which induce some of the same beneficial effects that occur in response to exercise Physical activity is a central component of daily life for some people. For…
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The NICB CHO Group presents at ESACT-UK 2018 in Leeds

Two weeks ago, six members of our Mammalian Cell Engineering Group (CHO Group) attended the ESACT UK Meeting 2018 organized in Leeds by ESACT-UK. ESACT-UK is a society which promotes the communication of knowledge and experience between scientists and engineers whose work has a direct or indirect bearing on cell culture biotechnology and the products derived from it.…
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Highlights of San Antonio, Texas Breast Cancer Symposium 2017

This post was written by three NICB cancer researchers: Neil Conlon, Alex Eustace & Denis Collins, with equal contributions from each Texas is known for big cars, big hats and big steaks but for five days each year one particular corner of the Lone Star state is known for big research. The CTRC-AACR San Antonio…
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