Core Facilities

Core Facilities

The National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB) is a multidisciplinary centre of research in fundamental and applied cellular biology, cancer, biotechnology, molecular cell biology, ocular diseases and biological chemistry. We offer a range of research and problem-solving services to clinical collaborators and to industry. Click here to download our Core Facilities brochure, and have a look below to find out more about the extensive facilities used by our research groups here at the NICB.


Core Facilities




The NICB’s state-of-the-art proteomics and mass spectrometry core facility supports many research programmes in the NICB.

Cell Culture Collection

Over the last 20 years we have established an extensive collection of human and other mammalian cell lines.

Cell Characterisation

The NICB is equipped a wide range of specialised equipment for visualising cells and analysing cell populations.



The NICB Bioinformatics Core Facility provides a centralized resource supporting NICB staff, students and international collaborators in the design of experiments and in the analysis of data.

Expression profiling

In the NICB we have a state of the art Affymetrix GeneChip Core Facility which facilitates groups within the NICB and external collaborators to study the transcriptome.

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