Cell Culture Collection

The NICB’s Cell Culture Collection facility contains the most extensive cell culture clean room facilities of any research institute in Ireland. The cell bank contains hundreds of different cell line models, allowing researchers to study multiple tissue types, various disease states and bioprocess-relevant phenotypes. NICB’s strongest asset is the store of cell culture expertise resident in the staff, making the NICB the leading centre for cellular biotechnology research in Ireland.

Over the last 20 years we have established an extensive collection of cell lines in our cell culture collection facility, the majority of which are derived from various types of human cancers. All available information regarding their development and characteristics is summarized in a database. In particular, drug-resistant variants, which have been developed in the NICB, represent an important tool for ongoing studies on mechanisms underlying cancer chemotherapeutic drug resistance. The cell lines are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks with regular quality control of cell viability.