Dr. Scott Estes

Director of Cell Culture Development, Biogen

Dr. Scott Estes is currently Director of Cell Culture Development at Biogen in Cambridge, MA. He is responsible for cell line generation and analytical characterization to support programs transitioning into clinical development. In addition, he oversees a research program designed to create superior expression systems capable of shorter development timelines, higher titers, and more consistent product quality attributes. Dr. Estes has extensive industrial experience in both the technical and regulatory challenges associated with developing robust cell lines and cell culture processes for the manufacturing of recombinant therapeutic proteins. Dr. Estes previously spent 14 years developing biologics at Genzyme after performing postdoctoral research at MIT in the area of transcriptional regulation and mammalian cell cycle progression. PhD (Molecular and Cellular Biology) State University of New York, Buffalo; Roswell Park Cancer Institute Division BS (Biology with Chemistry minor) State University of New York, Plattsburgh


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