Public Education Projects

The NICB is committed to the education of scientists as well as the general public. The centre is dedicated to educating non-scientists and non-specialists in Biomedical topics. We frequently run public education programmes and lecture series on exciting topics from Irish and international speakers. If you are a scientist looking for more specialised courses, please visit our Advanced Short Courses page.

Upcoming Events 

Keep an eye out here for upcoming education events.

Previous Lecture Series & Public Education Programmes

Biomedical Lecture series (Mar.-May 2015)

Visit our Youtube Channel to watch this fascinating series of talks on a variety of Biomedical topics. Listen to these experts speaking about topics ranging from Medicinal Plants and Blood Transfusion in Ireland to the Evolution of our Skin and Eye Health. These talks are suitable for everybody and are particularly geared towards non-scientists. They give a great insight into a multitude of exciting and topics, presented in a simple, clear and engaging manner.

Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Bioethics For Beginners (Mar.-May 2012)

This short course introduced DNA, genetics and proteins for beginners. It discussed genetic engineering, DNA fingerprinting, Biopharmaceuticals, Cloning, Stem Cells, and the ethical issues associated with these developments.