Useful Links

On this page you will find useful links to external websites, as recommended by the NICB team. Don’t forget to follow us on TwitterYoutube and Pinterest for our most up-to-date news.

Protocol Resources:

Educational Links:

  • Frank Gregorio’s Youtube Channel is an exciting video channel featuring dramatic “trailers” on scientific topics, designed to get students fascinated about science. Have a look at his ‘Introduction to Cells’ trailer:

  • The Science Penguin is an excellent resource, primarily for teachers, with great ideas on delivering exciting Science lessons to children.

Things to see in Ireland:

  • The Science Gallery hosts a range of exciting exhibitions bridging art and science.
  • Armagh Planetarium offers an engaging experience of astronomy for all ages.
  • The W5 Museum in Belfast boasts excellent interactive displays, particularly for children.

Places to visit around the world:

  • The Science Museum in London offers a range of fascinating exhibitions across all areas of science, technology and engineering.