Chemical Biology

Andrew Kellett is Associate Professor of Inorganic and Medicinal Chemistry in the School of Chemical Sciences at DCU, with a research group of 2 postdoctoral researchers and 13 PhD students that are based in the NICB and Nano-Bioanalytical Research Facility (NRF). The group focuses on various research areas including metallodrug development and elucidating drug-DNA interactions, DNA damage and repair mechanisms, and click generation of gene-editing tools and metal-based oligonucleotide hybrids materials as antigene and antisense therapeutics.

Andrew Kellett is one of the few European scientists to successfully coordinate two Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie European training networks, ClickGene and the recent Nature-ETN. He was awarded Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Career Development Award and is a funded investigator within the Novo Nordisk Foundation (Denmark). He is also a funded investigator in the SFI Research centres SSPC-PharM5 and CÚRAM. More information can be found on

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