Cancer research at NICB aims to apply the powerful techniques associated with cell and molecular biology to gaining a deeper understanding of human cancer and how it might be better detected, treated and monitored. While of course our research utilizes experimental models, including cancer cell culture, we are very much committed to working closely with clinical experts and with industry in order to translate the outputs from our research into benefit for patients. We work closely with ICORG, the Irish Clinical Trials Organisation, to obtain clinical samples with informed patient consent, and to promote translation research associated with clinical trials.

Cancer is now recognised to be a disease with much inter-individual variation, and also as a disease which can evolve and change its properties, so application of all the molecular analytical techniques at our disposal is critical in order to design the best treatment strategies for each patient.

Click on the following links to learn more about our research: BiomarkersBreast Cancer & Melanoma, Uveal Melanoma, Pancreatic Cancer,Multiple Myeloma, Lung Cancer, Novel ADC targets & Monoclonal antibodies, Multiple Myeloma and Drug Resistance.

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