Tissue Engineering & Stem Cell Research

There is tremendous interest at the moment in the potential of tissue engineering/stem cell therapy to cure tissue damage and degeneration, particularly in disease areas where there has been irretrievable loss of tissue, and drug therapies are ineffective. The NICB is directly involved in work leading on to clinical application for corneal stem cell transplant and pancreatic islet transplant for treatment of type 1 diabetes. NICB researchers are also developing induced pluripotent (iPS) cell models for studying differentiation of ocular, pancreatic and neural cell lineages, and diseases associated with these tissue types.

The Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Research work at the NICB mainly contributes to our Pancreatic Islet Transplantation, Ocular Diseases, Interaction of Metals with Cells and Intestinal Absorption Research.

Meet our Stem Cells & Differentiation research group




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