Metabolism / Micronutrients / Diabetes

Metabolism is a central regulator of cellular processes and function. In the NICB our research teams investigate metabolic pathways, the nutrient and micronutrient regulation of metabolic processes and how they contribute to the enhancement of human and animal health. One of the key aspects is how the absorption of the micronutrient, Zinc, from intestinal cells can enhance animal feeding regimes in conjunction with our industry partner, Alltech. We also investigate the role of skeletal muscle energy metabolism and the regulation of insulin sensitivity in response to nutrient supplementation and muscle contraction. This research is used to identify proteins and pathways that could be targeted for precision prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. The Metabolism and Micronutrient research strand is a key part in the SFI funded SSPC-Pharm5 Research Centre ( We work with other research groups and industry partners to develop innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical industry.

Principal Investigator

Donal O’Gorman (Assoc. Prof.)