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Alex is an award winning translational oncology scientist who is a previous winner of the St Luke’s/ Royal Academy of Medicine Young Investigator award. His research into identification of novel targeted therapies has directly led to the initiation of early phase clinical trials in both melanoma patients and women with HER2-positive breast cancer in Ireland.  He has been published in high ranking journals such as Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Oncogene and Breast Cancer Research. He has a record of successfully gaining government and industrial funding to support his research. He is an ambitious, highly motivated, goal orientated research scientist.  Alex's current research goals are to determine the impact of kinase mutations on therapy response/resistance as a way of identifying novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of cancer.


  • St Luke’s/ Royal Academy of Medicine Young Investigator award 2016
  • Current funding:
  • Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Award 2017-2020,
  • Clinical Cancer Research Trust
  • Irish Cancer Society funded research centre - BreastPredict 2013-2018



Total publications: 19; First/Senior author publications: 11; Oral Presentations: 11; Meeting Abstracts: 21; h-index: 10; Total number of citations: 371; Source of citation data (Google Scholar).

  • The impact of ERBB-family germline single nucleotide polymorphisms on survival response to adjuvant trastuzumab treatment in HER2-positive breast cancer.

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