Assistant Professor, NICB.



Research Groups: Biofilm Research Group



Phone: +353 700 5708


My research focuses on identifying the regulatory mechanisms of single and mixed species biofilm with a particular focus on Candida parapsilosis and Staphylococcus aureus mixed infections. I use many techniques such as gene deletion strategies, static and flow biofilm assays and next generation sequencing technologies such as RNA seq.

Other interests include using the invertebrate model Galleria mellonella to study single and mixed species infections and investigation of novel antimicrobial agents for the treatment of biofilm related infections.

Selected Publications

  1. Iracane E, Donovan PD, Ola M, Butler G, Holland LM. (2018) Identification of an exceptionally long intron in the HAC1 gene of Candida parapsilosis. mSphere 3:e00532-18
  2. Holland LM, Schröder MS, Turner SA, Taff H, Andes D, Grózer Z, Gácser A, Ames L, Haynes K, Higgins DG, Butler G. (2014) Comparative phenotypic analysis of the major fungal pathogens Candida parapsilosis and Candida albicans. PLoS Pathog. 10(9):e1004365.
  3. Sai S#, Holland LM#, McGee CF, Lynch DB, Butler G. (2011) Evolution of mating within the Candida parapsilosis species group. Eukaryot Cell. Apr; 10(4):578-87.
  4. Holland LM, Conlon B, O’Gara JP. (2011) Mutation of tagO reveals an essential role for wall teichoic acids in Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm development. Microbiology. 157:408-18.
  5. Holland LM#, O’Donnell ST#, Ryjenkov DA, Gomelsky L, Slater SR, Fey PD, Gomelsky M, O’Gara JP. (2008) A Staphylococcal GGDEF domain protein regulates biofilm formation independently of cyclic dimeric GMP. J Bacteriol. 190:1578-89. (#co-first authors).

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