CHO Cell Biology; Pancreatic Cancer; Cancer Biomarkers; Cancer Drug- and Radio-resistance


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Academic Background

B.Sc. in Biochemistry 1972

Ph.D. 1976

Career profile

Postdoctoral experience in cancer research with Medical Research Council, and in industrial cell culture.

Professor of Biotechnology, Dublin City University since 1988 and Director, National Cell & Tissue Culture Centre since 1987.

Appointed Director of the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, 2000.

Founded biotechnology company, Archport Ltd., (now BioUetikon) in 1998.

Inventor or co-inventor of 8 patents in cancer and bioprocessing areas.

Principal Research Interests:

  • Inventor or co-inventor of 8 patents in cancer and bioprocessing areas.
  • Application of cell and molecular biology research to understanding resistance of cancer cells to anticancer drugs.
  • Translation of laboratory studies into clinical trials in cancer.
  • Markers for early detection, monitoring, and drug response prediction in cancer (in particular breast, lung, pancreatic and colorectal carcinomas, ocular melanoma and multiple myeloma) and patient monitoring in diabetes.
  • Developing functional monoclonal antibodies (e.g. anti-invasion) as potential cancer therapeutics.
  • Cell therapy/tissue engineering - specifically corneal epithelial cell culture and islet culture, both with a view to transplantation, and adult stem cell/iPS cell research
  • Research on molecular basis of optimising recombinant protein productivity by CHO cells (using mRNA, miRNA and proteomic profiling, advanced bioinformatics, and siRNA/cDNA functional validation).

Selected Publications





  • Dowling P, Shields W, Rani S, Meleady P, Henry M, Jeppesen P, O'Driscoll L, Clynes M (2008) Proteomic analysis of conditioned media from glucose responsive and glucose non-responsive phenotypes reveals a panel of secreted proteins associated with beta cell dysfunction.  Electrophoresis. 29(20):4141-9




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